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The Illinois Supreme Court seldom decides a true insurance coverage dispute. This is likely because each coverage case involves a unique set of facts, circumstances, and policy language, thereby frustrating the general importance of the question presented for review. However, the supreme court’s decision to grant leave to appeal in Sanders v. Illinois Union Insurance Co., 2019 IL 124565, seems born out of the existence of an irreconcilable conflict between two divisions of the Illinois Appellate Court First District.

This article will examine Sanders and discuss the implications of its holding that the event triggering insurance coverage for the offense of “malicious prosecution” was the initiation of the alleged wrongful prosecution, not exoneration of the claimant.
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The role of product misuse, or consumer use in ways not intended or sanctioned by a manufacturer, has different significance when considered for regulation or the common law model. What role does misuse play in federal consumer product safety regulation? Are there limitations, and what can manufacturers do to mitigate product liability and regulatory exposure? Join Joseph P. Mohorovic, CPSM, Senior Managing Consultant for ESi for a complimentary webinar on the role of misuse in consumer product safety. 
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